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Posted by Monique on 06/05/2021

Style #10

Chasing the next fashion event, running through the neon-lit city streets, summer breeze through my hair, and excitement in the air. Strutting powerful, determined, and confident through the bar doors grasping all the attention with the contrasting the Geschirrtasche (MYL BERLIN) soft dress (Jean-Paul Gaultier vintage) and tough boots (Kenzo). Nothing is stopping me from taking over the night and dancing it away.

This is my vision of this look, making it a beautiful combination to enjoy a fancy cocktail at a laissez-faire bar or going out to a nightclub in the buzzing Berlin nightlife.

The saddle leather bag (Geschirrtasche 1) is worn like a leather harness, accentuating the dress beautifully at the waist and hiding a few of those corona pounds nicely ;-).

The dress with leather straps is made from soft cotton and is a vintage Jean-Paul Gaultier from the 80s. I choose it because it is light, comfortable, and perfect when going out. Because I am wearing my Geschirrtasche, I have all my essentials (Phone, Lighter, Perfum, etc.) in each, and I do not need to wear a pocked dress jacket or extra bag. It looks like just a beautiful designer bag, but it is convenient.

I paired this with my sturdy, white Kenzo boots; those might look like they are not a good choice - I know we all love white but hate to clean it - but they are (!) because of the very easy-to-clean shiny white finishing. I have those for two years now and wore them even during the snowy winters and cleaned them in a heartbeat.

As for accessories, I decided to pair the geometric Spiegelkette 1 because I love how the mirror-like round necklace highlights the square-shaped bag, and it sits pretty nicely in my décolleté.

I hope you like this style, and I hope I can give you some inspiration and a small glimpse into my wardrobe :-).

Stay beautiful, safe, and happy,

MYL Author


Born in Germany and inspired by Parisian haute couture, I aim to style whimsical, inspiring looks, taking people for a moment out of everyday life and let them dream. Made from beautiful vintage pieces, modern basics and striking jewellery.

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