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If you want to stand out, you have to do things differently. “Mundstück 1” is a classical, yet modern piece of jewellery that complements an unusual part of your body: your lower lip.

The design of “Mundstück 1” does not interfere with your daily life or party fun because it allows you to eat, drink and talk without restrictions. It does not touch or scratch your teeth; nor does it fit so tightly that it chafes your skin. We often hear: Why didn’t this exist before? It is as natural and smooth as a ring or a necklace can be.

“Mundstück 1” is a dominant piece that becomes a distinctive part of your facial identity. Choose between gold, silver and matt black.


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We only produce one batch of any given product. Once that batch is sold out, the product is not made again. This exclusive approach sets you apart as one (or a few) of a kind. We take great pride in the uniqueness of our products.


All our jewellery is tested and specially treated to look good, last long and survive the wildest nights or the harshest treatment.

Sign of solidarity

Any MYL items stands for the belief that we are all equal. When you buy an MYL product, you have to be aware of the symbolic statement of your choice. MYL says you stand with those struggle, who feel the feel burden of society, who have been rejected by the mainstream. With us you advocate for the voiceless.  We thank you for that.  You are doing an amazing thing. Do not buy MYL if you are biased or judgemental towards people who have chosen a different path. Wearing our brand stands for equality in its highest form.

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Gold, Silver, Black


Stainless Steel




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