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MYL BERLIN member of the Fashion Council Germany

The years 2020 and 2021 were a challenge for many companies. The event and fashion industry in particular has suffered from the pandemic. MYL BERLIN has decided to join the Fashion Council Germany in order to report to creatives, fashion and art professionals about its experiences and to help set up projects that are only […]


Like after a long night in the club, like after many sleepless hours, the current calm, the standstill feels. Somehow this time exists, somehow it is already over in the moment in which it was created. But feelings will arise from the numbness. And you will feel that MYL BERLIN lets you shine.

Fashion that goes underneath your skin

Clubwear/Fashion is undeniably intertwined with tattoo artistry - choosing an outfit for a club, festival, or special event; you might want to show off more skin to reveal a tattoo. Something intimate, personal but above all something that is purely you. Inspired by simple black linework and large body tattoos, our bold leather bags fit […]

Focus: Tagestasche 1 - the bag you will wear every day.

Tagestasche in English translates to day bag, and this bag is your everyday companion no matter what you are doing and no matter what surprises or adventures await you. "My goal was to create a bag you can wear to your uni, going out, at the airport, every day of your life," says Sebastian Pladwig […]

Rebellare in Stores now

Yes, you can finally check out our collection at a brick-and-mortar store near you and try on our gorgeous creations, get excellent customer service, and see Boutique-exclusives. We are incredibly proud to cooperate with these stores as we value their style and authenticity and aim to support our local stores worldwide. Why do local Boutiques […]

Outfit #14

Whether it is from club to club, to friends, a quick nap at an open-air or a friend's couch, that is a big part of the nightlife culture. Clubs in Berlin are hot and sweaty, so I put together an outfit I love to wear and mix up. It's very androgynous, and it captures the […]

Outfit #13

When constructing this look, I thought of the feeling of a new adventure lying ahead of me. The Funktionstasche 1 is the perfect companion for my endeavors, paired with a vintage leather YSL jacket made from soft leather and worn a bit down through the years. It's warm enough for those windy summer nights but […]

MYL BERLIN on the red carpet at the Festival de Cannes

The talented and inspiring stylist Samuel Sohebi was seen on the thrilling red carpet events at this year's Cannes Film Festival wearing our beloved Halskrause 1, he styled gorgeously by tying the mouthpiece to his luxurious bowtie.  Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an Ein Beitrag geteilt von samuel (@samuelsohebi) About the Cannes Film Festival […]

Sustainability through color - why our jewelry is always available in gold, silver, and black.

You make it your own; you make it shine. Our jewelry is not meant to outshine you; it's meant to make you shine. By manufacturing our collection in distinct colors, you can always mix & match our designs in anyways you like. Our designs are sometimes bold and sometimes very sleek - this is because […]

MYL BERLIN's latest, trendsetting collection "Rebellare" featured in media worldwide

Iconic statement pieces inspired by stereotypical opposing or unfamiliar ideas are typical for us. "Our goal is always to mesmerize, surprise and sometimes also to confuse - "Enigmatic," (10/20 Vogue Magazine) as the Vogue  called us, fits pretty well. From Korea to the UK, people are writing about the newest collection from MYL BERLIN worldwide. The […]

Get back into the groove - Post-Covid Fashion Recommendations by MYL BERLIN

Maybe we all gained a bit of weight, we all might feel a little anxious meeting the first time again, but we also learned that there is no time like the present. So, why wait or feel restricted by prejudice or stereotypes - simply act naturally and just be yourself. I have realized how long […]

Empowerment, Diversity & Family - our values

MYL BERLIN is about empowerment, diversity, and chosen family - we seek to craft stunning jewelry and leather goods, which carry the message of love and equality. Born in the vibrant vortex of Berlin club nights with their universal acceptance of diversity, we believe in these core values. Empowering We believe in empowering people and […]

Female Empowerment

Empowerment - "Individuals are given empowerment to create their own dwellings" (Definitions from Oxford Languages). We decide what empowerment is for us, and we determine what makes us feel empowered. Being a strong, confident woman does not mean looking like a conservative businessman; it means dressing the way you like. It means loving yourself - […]

Jewelry Trend For the Summer

Again - this is not a piercing - it's a uniquely designed jewelry item with a patented shape that loosely hangs on your lips, yet you can drink, talk and even kiss with this seductive jewelry. All you have to do is hook it onto the lip - that's it. Then, later, you can easily […]

Why Saddle Leather?

Saddle leather is a material that is mostly left over from the production of leather, as it is generally difficult to process. This is due to the fact that it is very tear and cut resistant and therefore requires special handling in the manufacturing process. MYL BERLIN uses this great material, however, because we have […]

Style #12

I wore this look multiple times when going out in Berlin. It matches the city's dark, techno club culture - my usual companion for those nights is the slightly fetish-y Geschirrtasche 1 (Link). The camouflage pants (H&M) paired with Dr. Martens Boots complete the rugged look. The metal-studded T-shirt is from Love! Moschino (Female). The […]

Style #11

Envisioning the strong female discovering her strength to follow her dreams, I created this soft but confident look true to a woman pathing her way. The beautiful silk dress from Yves Saint Laurent (vintage) is held loosely around the waist by Perlenkette 1 (link). The bold stainless steel necklace (Kette 2 link) is a statement […]

Style #10

This is my vision of this look, making it a beautiful combination to enjoy a fancy cocktail at a laissez-faire bar or going out to a nightclub in the buzzing Berlin nightlife. The saddle leather bag (Geschirrtasche 1) is worn like a leather harness, accentuating the dress beautifully at the waist and hiding a few […]

MYL BERLIN offers vocational training (IHK)

In order to be able to receive vocational training for certain professions in Germany, one must complete this vocational training at special companies. MYL BERLIN GmbH was checked in detail by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) last year and is therefore allowed to offer certain vocational training. In our case, you can learn […]


We shall overcome - a hymn for equality, which the world has to hear. We will not back down, we will not be shunned, muffled, or put in our place. Rights, laws, the visibility that took long to achieve are being taken away, conservatism and racism are on a rise. Inspired by the united marches […]

We love nature

Plantclub.io is a company where you can rent beautiful plants and they even send someone by to take care of them on a regular basis. This is an excerpt from their blog post. "Here at Plantclub, we take care of the watering (and all the other plant care) to make sure our members’ greenery stays […]

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