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Posted by Seb on 30/11/2021

Family is a gift. What's important on the holidays.

A family is a collective of people that care, support, shelter, and protect one another – at least, that's what I believe - it's not limited to who we grow up with; it's who we choose.

MYL is at the core, not only a brand; it is the belief that we can connect, unite, empower and strengthen one another - it's a platform to showcase the uniqueness and underline individuality.

Family is a gift – the knowledge that you have someone to rely upon, someone who is there for you whenever the world seems against you.

Seeing the MYL Family growing, celebrating each other, showcasing themselves, and feeling understood makes me not only beyond happy but motivated to spread the word of love and equality.

Family is the gift – that we should remember to cherish and present to others. Invite people into your life, share the feeling of warmth, love, and acceptance.

Because knowing that there is someone you can call, no matter if you haven't spoken for months, are in trouble, or feel like everything is too much - that is the true gift.

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