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Posted by Monique on 06/05/2021

Style #11

Early summer, the wind is warm, a feeling of wild Jane Austen romance is wafting in the air, and I am waiting to go on a journey. Tightly gripping my leather suitcase holding my beloved soft summer cape, a book, work sketches, and the confidence, this is the new beginning.

Envisioning the strong female discovering her strength to follow her dreams, I created this soft but confident look true to a woman pathing her way. The beautiful silk dress from Yves Saint Laurent (vintage) is held loosely around the waist by Perlenkette 1 (link).

The bold stainless steel necklace (Kette 2 link) is a statement of her believes and that she is not afraid to show she stands for equality and diversity. I chose to show only the nameplate pendant and hiding the other one. The "MYL" tag stands for the belief in equality, supporting less fortunate people, and celebrating diversity - it is part of the brand's message.

MYL BERLIN is very eager that their customers know about this and spread the message further to provoke a rethinking and change in the society, even if it means that some narrow-minded people will refrain from buying.

Classic and beautiful pumps from Yves Saint Laurent complete this timeless outfit. I wanted to focus on the flow of the silky dress, only held lightly by the genuine pearl necklace (Perlenkette 1) around the waist.

Perlenkette 1 is a necklace that can be worn as an extra-long necklace or wrapped around the neck twice. However, I chose to use it as an elegant belt because of its classic and minimal elegance and loose fit, which adds a sensual touch to the entire ensemble.

I hope you enjoy this vision that I have put together using some vintage pieces and the strong and empowering jewelry from MYL BERLIN.

Stay beautiful, safe, and happy,

MYL Author


Born in Germany and inspired by Parisian haute couture, I aim to style whimsical, inspiring looks, taking people for a moment out of everyday life and let them dream. Made from beautiful vintage pieces, modern basics and striking jewellery.

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