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Germen flag


Posted by Seb on 29/04/2021


Our new collection will cast a spell over you with its fine materials and strong shapes. Genderless fashion, a statement, the expression of your very own self.

We shall overcome - a hymn for equality, which the world has to hear. We will not back down, we will not be shunned, muffled, or put in our place. Rights, laws, the visibility that took long to achieve are being taken away, conservatism and racism are on a rise.

Inspired by the united marches of the Suffragette and student movements - the "REBELLARE Collection" depowers and reimagines stereotypes and definitions. Genderless, strong, made to stomp and be heard. Hard stainless chains, strong leather goods no longer encage the different but empower them - retaking the control.

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