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Posted by Seb on 18/07/2021

Outfit #14

Thirty-six hours and counting - in Berlin, you usually go out for the weekend, not just the night.

Whether it is from club to club, to friends, a quick nap at an open-air or a friend's couch, that is a big part of the nightlife culture. Clubs in Berlin are hot and sweaty, so I put together an outfit I love to wear and mix up. It's very androgynous, and it captures the spirit of the Berlin style.

My main accessory is the Halskrause 1; it comes in three colors so that you can mix it with about anything, and it is still a show-stopper. I wear it with the tube pendant but always have my mouthpiece with me to switch it when I feel like being a little more extravagant. I try not to wear too much more accessories because Halskrause 1 highlights and is trending, even without a mouthpiece.

I paired it with two of my favorite tops - one from "Vive Maria," which I think manages to be a mesh shirt with some spice to it, it looks polished and fresh, and the golden seams give it that valuable feeling. I can promise you this shirt is everlasting; I have been wearing it for at least four years regular when going out. The other shirt is a sporty shirt from Calvin Klein, it's comfortable and fits perfectly - and makes me feel dressed when hoping on the U-Bahn (Public transport) to the next event.

I wear skin-tight jeans diesel, which works with both outfits, and I add the MYL BERLIN Duo Kette 1 to it as a belt, it is a necklace, but I live for the way the necklace swings with my movements, and its an eye-catcher for sure. I added my MYL BERLIN Family brooch, which is an MYL Family exclusive.

My enduring Love Moschino Boots complete the outfit with their forgiven leather and incredibly comfortable fit - with these, you can dance the night away.

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