Whether it is from club to club, to friends, a quick nap at an open-air or a friend's couch, that is a big part of the nightlife culture. Clubs in Berlin are hot and sweaty, so I put together an outfit I love to wear and mix up. It's very androgynous, and it captures the spirit of the Berlin style.

My main accessory is the Halskrause 1; it comes in three colors so that you can mix it with about anything, and it is still a show-stopper. I wear it with the tube pendant but always have my mouthpiece with me to switch it when I feel like being a little more extravagant. I try not to wear too much more accessories because Halskrause 1 highlights and is trending, even without a mouthpiece.

I paired it with two of my favorite tops - one from "Vive Maria," which I think manages to be a mesh shirt with some spice to it, it looks polished and fresh, and the golden seams give it that valuable feeling. I can promise you this shirt is everlasting; I have been wearing it for at least four years regular when going out. The other shirt is a sporty shirt from Calvin Klein, it's comfortable and fits perfectly - and makes me feel dressed when hoping on the U-Bahn (Public transport) to the next event.

I wear skin-tight jeans diesel, which works with both outfits, and I add the MYL BERLIN Duo Kette 1 to it as a belt, it is a necklace, but I live for the way the necklace swings with my movements, and its an eye-catcher for sure. I added my MYL BERLIN Family brooch, which is an MYL Family exclusive.

My enduring Love Moschino Boots complete the outfit with their forgiven leather and incredibly comfortable fit - with these, you can dance the night away.

When constructing this look, I thought of the feeling of a new adventure lying ahead of me. The Funktionstasche 1 is the perfect companion for my endeavors, paired with a vintage leather YSL jacket made from soft leather and worn a bit down through the years. It's warm enough for those windy summer nights but robust enough for any of my hectic exciting days. That's the reason I chose to wear the Funktionstasche 1 with it; the leather contrasts wonderfully, the 1920's inspired tool bag is elegant, urban but protects all my belongings.

Do not be fooled by its sleek exterior; every pocket has a purpose and is protected by a zipper and the thick, durable, eco-friendly (this leather needs no extra chemical protection to be water-resistant) saddle leather. There are two sleek outside pockets where I can put my lighter (or currently my disinfectant).

There are credit card slots, a coin compartment, a key hook in extra space ( so it doesn't scratch your phone screen), and a
zipper to ensure nothing gets lost during my city adventures.

Usually, I wear the Funktionstasche 1 as a cross-body bag, but of course, it's also fabulous as a fanny pack. I got a lot of compliments about it and its excellent functionality in clubs like Berghain. And even a sweaty night, a cigarette burn, or rain can harm this baby because of its eco-friendly use of saddle leather and strong hand stitching.

I paired it with a plain white t-shirt from Uniqlo - I think it's just beautifully versatile, and sometimes I even carry a spare with me or usually have one that I left at a friend's place at an after-hour. I typically wear a black ultra-stretch Uniqlo Jeans cause it's comfortable and still looks very fitting and stylish.

The only accessories I added is the bold, unique Perlenkette 2 that accentuates the vintage leather jacket and my white T-shirt. The genuine pearls encapsulated within the matt black steel are a one-of-a-kind necklace, and the stark contrast is what I love.

I paired them with some vintage YSL boots, but the outfit also goes very well with Adidas NMDs.

I wore this look multiple times when going out in Berlin. It matches the city's dark, techno club culture - my usual companion for those nights is the slightly fetish-y Geschirrtasche 1 (Link). The camouflage pants (H&M) paired with Dr. Martens Boots complete the rugged look. The metal-studded T-shirt is from Love! Moschino (Female).

The Geschirrtasche 1's extremely durable saddle leather protects my belongings, doesn't mind a scratch, drinks, or even a cigarette burn. On top of that, I love that it is in front of me and tightly strapped to my body, it makes it more secure in large crowds, and it doesn't irritate me when dancing for hours - believe me, I tried a lot of bags. The little fetish-y touch because of the harness makes me feel powerful and seductive.

Paired with the Kette 2 (Link), the look is cool, metallic, and a bit secretive as well as Kette 2 shows my support for diversity and subcultures. I usually choose to wear the silver mirror color, but I also wear the matt black one. I love both of them and the way I can combine them with many of my looks.

Especially in the Berlin Club scene, MYL BERLIN has gained a following because of its positive support for artists, diversity, and long-lasting items. Many of the collection, inspired by the club life, have a cheeky subcontext or tongue-in-cheek names which are unique and stand out amongst the many other brands trying to target the nightclub audience.

I am excited to share more of my looks and revisited some of my nightlife inspiration that I hope we can all enjoy again soon!

See you on the dancefloor,
Ayhu aka VorneLinks

Envisioning the strong female discovering her strength to follow her dreams, I created this soft but confident look true to a woman pathing her way. The beautiful silk dress from Yves Saint Laurent (vintage) is held loosely around the waist by Perlenkette 1 (link).

The bold stainless steel necklace (Kette 2 link) is a statement of her believes and that she is not afraid to show she stands for equality and diversity. I chose to show only the nameplate pendant and hiding the other one. The "MYL" tag stands for the belief in equality, supporting less fortunate people, and celebrating diversity - it is part of the brand's message.

MYL BERLIN is very eager that their customers know about this and spread the message further to provoke a rethinking and change in the society, even if it means that some narrow-minded people will refrain from buying.

Classic and beautiful pumps from Yves Saint Laurent complete this timeless outfit. I wanted to focus on the flow of the silky dress, only held lightly by the genuine pearl necklace (Perlenkette 1) around the waist.

Perlenkette 1 is a necklace that can be worn as an extra-long necklace or wrapped around the neck twice. However, I chose to use it as an elegant belt because of its classic and minimal elegance and loose fit, which adds a sensual touch to the entire ensemble.

I hope you enjoy this vision that I have put together using some vintage pieces and the strong and empowering jewelry from MYL BERLIN.

Stay beautiful, safe, and happy,

This is my vision of this look, making it a beautiful combination to enjoy a fancy cocktail at a laissez-faire bar or going out to a nightclub in the buzzing Berlin nightlife.

The saddle leather bag (Geschirrtasche 1) is worn like a leather harness, accentuating the dress beautifully at the waist and hiding a few of those corona pounds nicely ;-).

The dress with leather straps is made from soft cotton and is a vintage Jean-Paul Gaultier from the 80s. I choose it because it is light, comfortable, and perfect when going out. Because I am wearing my Geschirrtasche, I have all my essentials (Phone, Lighter, Perfum, etc.) in each, and I do not need to wear a pocked dress jacket or extra bag. It looks like just a beautiful designer bag, but it is convenient.

I paired this with my sturdy, white Kenzo boots; those might look like they are not a good choice - I know we all love white but hate to clean it - but they are (!) because of the very easy-to-clean shiny white finishing. I have those for two years now and wore them even during the snowy winters and cleaned them in a heartbeat.

As for accessories, I decided to pair the geometric Spiegelkette 1 because I love how the mirror-like round necklace highlights the square-shaped bag, and it sits pretty nicely in my décolleté.

I hope you like this style, and I hope I can give you some inspiration and a small glimpse into my wardrobe :-).

Stay beautiful, safe, and happy,

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