Tagestasche in English translates to day bag, and this bag is your everyday companion no matter what you are doing and no matter what surprises or adventures await you. "My goal was to create a bag you can wear to your uni, going out, at the airport, every day of your life," says Sebastian Pladwig (Designer and founder of MYL BERLIN); he continues, "it is simply that bag. It might look cute, but all the pockets, the strap, the compartment inside, and the concaving cut have the purpose of utilizing the space so perfectly that you won't believe what fits inside".

Wear it as it suits you

Tagestasche 1 on the outside is a stylish, urban bag made of eco-friendly saddle leather with golden hardware. But the highlights are the compartments and the strap mechanism.

Switching from crossbody, waist bag, or handbag is done with a pull on the beautiful leather straps. This changes the bag's look immediately, and it also tightens the body, so your bag is never looking bulky.

Pockets, pockets, compartments, never lose anything.

"I love an organized bag, but usually look like that from the outside - techy, unfashionable, or like a bag that organizes stuff. Tagestasche is different, the pockets are sleek, functional, and the stitching is masterfully hidden." and when you check the bag, you will not see all the great compartments on the first side.

Outside pockets

There is a lighter/ lipstick pocket and a pocket for cigarettes/tissues, and a "mask" or passport pocket in the back. All zipped.

Main compartment

Key hook - Never lose your keys or search for them or our beautiful "Geldbeutel 1 "

Phonecase - this phone case protects the screen, and you can always grab your phone immediately when you need it, no matter how full your bag is. Also, you take out the phone compartment entirely if you prefer having it on the side or loose in the bag.

There are two more open side compartments for papers, a make-up mirror, chewing gum, or anything you like.

Tripaze shape

The clever bag shape has a strong base making it sturdy and protective of your belonging. The top is slightly concaved and more flexible, allowing the bag to be concave inward or outward - depending on how many items are inside. That means when you are shopping with this bag, and you bought a few too many drinks for your picnic, it's no problem for this masterfully crafted bag.

"Our Tagestaschen - or day bags - will always have this beautifully detailed construction to become your everyday bag," says Sebastian Pladwig, founder and designer of MYL BERLIN.

Yes, you can finally check out our collection at a brick-and-mortar store near you and try on our gorgeous creations, get excellent customer service, and see Boutique-exclusives.

We are incredibly proud to cooperate with these stores as we value their style and authenticity and aim to support our local stores worldwide.

Why do local Boutiques matter? Because local businesses are beautiful, inspirational, and diverse. Going into a carefully curated boutique is like nothing else. You will find young brands, new looks, and handcrafted excellence from local and international up-and-coming brands. Boutiques are creative, innovative and take a risk with new daring ideas, sustainable labels, and avant-garde fashion, making it more colorful and vibrant.

Especially after the long periods of lockdown, we should visit our local boutiques because shopping, strolling, and browsing are just fun and recreational.

In our focus are these beautiful stores.


Unser Leben und unser Planet bestehen aus mehr als nur aus „High Fashion“, die uns diktiert, wie wir uns anzuziehen haben. (Source: BAM BERLIN)



im BIKINI BERLIN Erdgeschoss
Budapester Str. 38
10787 Berlin, Germany



The Code was launched from the Berlin fetish/party scene to give exposure to the independent designers and artists currently creating the aesthetic of the Berlin underground.
(Source: The Code)



Köpenicker Straße 79
10179 Berlin, Germany



Set up in 2003 KONK since serves as an institution for allowing Berlin-based designers and labels to explore their creativity and to experiment with new styles.




Kleine Hamburger Straße 15
10117 Berlin, Germany


You make it your own; you make it shine.

Our jewelry is not meant to outshine you; it's meant to make you shine. By manufacturing our collection in distinct colors, you can always mix & match our designs in anyways you like. Our designs are sometimes bold and sometimes very sleek - this is because we want you to be able to combine in any way you wish.

Our signature piece, "Halskrause 1," is unique and empowering jewelry like no other - but because it comes in our distinct colors, you can combine and style it any way you like. Whether it's with our sleek "Armreif 1", "Ring 1," or any jewelry you already have, you will be astonished at how versatile our collections are.

Make it your own - it is your look.

Whether you combine our jewelry with a vintage leather jacket, an elegant blazer, or a mesh shirt to hit the club, our uniquely designed designs will fit perfectly to your style.

MYL BERLIN's trending jewelry gets styled by many amazing customers, stylists, celebrities, and models in so many inspirational ways that will amaze you.

There are so many ways to do this because of the matching colors - it's up to you. Whether it is classic (genuine pearl necklace), Perlenkette 1 combined with Perlenkette 2 to create a "layered necklace" look or the bold lip jewelry Mundstück 1 with the minimalistic but striking (jewelry ring) Ring 1.

A clever way to make our collections more sustainable

If you can combine our jewelry so freely, you can wear older collections with our newest trending ones, thus making our jewelry more timeless and sustainable. We chose our material with a lot of care because we focus on longevity, durability, and sustainability.

You will always find a perfect match within our collections; we are trending but never out of style.

For example, we deliberately chose to use the highest quality steel for our Halskrause 1, even if silver, of course, is more "catchy."

Our stainless steel, including the manufacturing process, is more complicated and expensive than using sterling silver.

Sterling silver would not be as bendable, durable enough, and won't last as long as re-enforced stainless steel does. For example, the Halskrause 1 design is unique because you can fit it tightly to your neck; sterling silver would break after bending it several times.

Also, silver would scratch quickly and would not be able to stand the test of time. Our collections are for going out, using, and enjoying them again and again. Sterling silver is fantastic for fixed or very intricate items but would break easily and wear off if used in the wrong way.

Our collections are thoughtfully crafted to last, be timeless, and make you shine. We believe that jewelry and accessories should be something you keep for a long time and enjoy them. The collections should grow with you and match your ever-developing style through time.

Iconic statement pieces inspired by stereotypical opposing or unfamiliar ideas are typical for us. "Our goal is always to mesmerize, surprise and sometimes also to confuse - "Enigmatic," (10/20 Vogue Magazine) as the Vogue  called us, fits pretty well.

From Korea to the UK, people are writing about the newest collection from MYL BERLIN worldwide. The signature pieces like lip jewelry are turning heads and getting praise.

The empowering and provocative fashion collection "Rebellare" has grasped much media attention, and designers, stylists, influencers, and newspapers are talking about its novelties.

TipBerlin commented the collection is "cheeky, provocative and reckons with stereotypical thinking" (orig. in german "… der Kollektion 2021 sind frech, auffällig und rechnen mit stereotypem Denken ab") highlighting the rebellious nature and the signature pieces that push the boundaries of our perception of what is "normal" to wear on the streets. The collection has stunning avant-garde pieces that still manage to feel natural, and especially the lip jewelry (no needed of a piercing, it has a comfortable patented hook mechanism) feels like a new category of jewelry.

Link: https://www.tip-berlin.de/lifestyle/modetrends-berlin-fruehling-2021/

MYL BERLINs lip jewelry is on everybody's lips - worldwide. Literally.

Around the world, the news is talking about the unique, stunning, provoking lip jewelry made by MYL BERLIN. This new category of jewelry is titled "Mundstück," meaning mouthpiece - because it is a new way to accentuate your lip and chin. China Post calling it "… "jaw-droppingly" gorgeous." and the Korean media network (Korea Insight) and UK "Independent UK" acknowledging its provocative, urban feel.

Link: https://chinapost.nownews.com/20210611-2576361

On the silver screen. MYL BERLIN collection being worn by stars off and on screen.

MYL BERLIN has a very close relationship with artists, stylists, and visual creators of the future, supporting and inspiring each other MYL BERLIN has found its way into movies and tv shows. The highly-rated and reviews german TV show "Katakomben" features some of the Berlin-inspired jewelry pieces from MYL BERLIN.

Link: https://www.joyn.de/serien/katakomben

MYL BERLIN is capturing hearts worldwide with its honest and dedicated approach to fashion and society.

MYL BERLIN is about empowerment, diversity, and chosen family - it crafts stunning jewelry and leather goods, which carry the message of love and equality. And that resonates with people around the world.

Maybe we all gained a bit of weight, we all might feel a little anxious meeting the first time again, but we also learned that there is no time like the present.

So, why wait or feel restricted by prejudice or stereotypes - simply act naturally and just be yourself. I have realized how long I spend being afraid of how people perceive me and that I kept on telling myself, “There is enough time, in the future I will stand up for myself, next week I will wear what I like" - but then Covid came, and things changed.

So, I assembled 5 "post-Covid" fashion recommendations, including the trending lip jewelry (intimate jewelry) "Mundstück".


1) Halskrause 1

This iconic necklace jewelry (choker) is a stunning statement piece for any outfit. It beautifully accentuates your style and is perfect for making a grand "post covid" entrance. The Halskrause comes with two pendants, one hollow tube pendant that is minimalistic and elegant, the other pendant is the iconic mouthpiece turning the Halskrause 1 into sultry intimate lip jewelry. Halskrause 1 is turning heads for a reason; it's a unique, handcrafted choker that highlights, not over-shines you.

Check it out here: https://www.myl-berlin.com/product/halskrause

2) Handschellen 1

Provocative and elegant high street fashion, how is that possible? Well, these gorgeous bracelets are just the right amount of sexy. Inspired by handcuffs, these bracelets feel anything but restraining - they make you feel empowered. You can wear them on one arm or on two of them to get that sultry, seductive look. The bracelets are bendable and fit comfortably around your wrists. It's so much to play with the chain when you are dancing. Of course, you can also chain your loved one to you :-).

Check it out here: https://www.myl-berlin.com/product/handschellen

3) Layering necklaces ( Perlenkette 1 & Perlenkette 2)

There is no need for modesty this season - take two, three, or four necklaces and wear them together. It feels regal, powerful, and like you own the world. The perfect match is Perlenkette 1 and Perlenkette 2; you will look like you own everything. It is a boss look, and it works with a dress or just a T-shirt. The genuine pearls and stainless steel chains combine the right amount of bold and elegant. Go bold or go home.

Check it out here: https://www.myl-berlin.com/product/perlenkette-2

4) The fanny bag to conquer any adventure (Bauchtasche 2)

This bag will be your new companion for all your city adventures, whether you are having a picnic with friends, going shopping, or conquering the concrete jungle. This bag is made from resistant saddle leather that is untreated and eco-friendly. It has several zipped compartments for your phone, a lighter, mask, notepad, perfume, and soo much more. The cleverly designed compartments are very spacious without making the bag bulky. You can wear it as a fanny pack, cross-body, or even as a backpack.

Check it out here: https://www.myl-berlin.com/product/bauchtasche-2

5) One ring for three-fingers (Ring 1)

This bold yet elegant ring will make you feel like you can take on the world - a knuckle ring inspired it. It sits comfortably over three fingers and comes in three colors (Black, Gold, Silver), like all of the jewelry from MYL BERLIN. Why am I recommending this ring for your post corvid outfits? Because it will match with any of your looks, and you can be sure that people will ask you about this striking jewelry piece.

Check it out here: https://www.myl-berlin.com/product/ring-1

I hope you like those recommendations for your post covid outfits! Take care and enjoy the sun.


MYL BERLIN is about empowerment, diversity, and chosen family - we seek to craft stunning jewelry and leather goods, which carry the message of love and equality.

Born in the vibrant vortex of Berlin club nights with their universal acceptance of diversity, we believe in these core values.


We believe in empowering people and fighting for equality. We want to turn an insult, a restraint, a limitation into a strength, into something that is desirable. We want to show how wrong and absurd racism, prejudice, and stereotypes are.

Our name "MYL BERLIN" embodies this philosophy deeply:

Many of my friends and I (Sebastian, founder and designer) seek only to express joy and love to ourselves. We encountered being offended as waste, trash, or comparative when strolling down the roads. So, I decided that I want to claim this word and turn it into something else, stripping away its power - MYL is the phonetics of the German word for trash, "Müll". I want people to see how definitions are not fixed and can evolve and change with time.

We want to create a discussion about injustice and prejudice through our designs, cooperation, and actions. For example, our jewelry and leather bags are often inspired by seemingly opposing ideas - we take a stereotypical oppressive item and turn it into something uplifting, empowering, and something you control.


MYL BERLIN is not just a name for us, MYL is a family. A chosen family of like-minded people that believe in equality and freedom.

Born in the vibrant vortex of Berlin nights, where differences are celebrated, where all genders and sexualities are normal (as they should be), and cultural diversity is inspiring, MYL BERLIN wants to create a haven and spread the message of love.

We stand proudly to our roots; we defend the principle that no one should fear expressing who they are; we support charities, artists and will always try to provide a feeling of safety, a home to those in need. We are still a small studio, but together as the MYL family, we will make a change and uplift each other.


MYL BERLIN's philosophy is to spread awareness and show how preconceived notions and social definitions block us from seeing the stunning beauty of diversity and its power to inspire and push progress.

Our roots are the diverse Berlin nightlife, art scene, and the vibrant, multifaceted techno/club culture, and we are set on spreading this message of love and acceptance around the world.

Diversity, genderless designs, and acceptance are not marketing jargon for us but the core of our beliefs and mission as MYL BERLIN. There are so many beautiful, unique, and stunning beings that we refuse to label for sales purposes.

Empowerment - "Individuals are given empowerment to create their own dwellings" (Definitions from Oxford Languages).

We decide what empowerment is for us, and we determine what makes us feel empowered. Being a strong, confident woman does not mean looking like a conservative businessman; it means dressing the way you like. It means loving yourself - it means being sexual and flirty one day and running the company the next.

Women are taught that being successful, taken seriously, and in control can only be reached if they restrict their life, style, personality to one conformed, defined, never swaying road.

Why is that? When we have leaders that openly misbehave and do not follow any of the strict moral codes set and preached by them. It's because we believe "for a boy to look like a girl is degrading //'Cause you think that being a girl is degrading…" (@madonna "What It Feels Like for a Girl" 2000).

Empowerment is to control and love who you are - we often talk about "rising above" the social norm when it's more like "rising to the equal level." Many do not get "empowerment." They think "it's annoying" or "it's already here," - but it's because they never felt how it is when things that you can't change or things that make you feel complete force you to justify yourself throughout your entire life, be ridiculed and be denied opportunities.

If you are confident, if you are true to yourself and strong enough to show it proudly, then do it. You might inspire someone else out there to open up and do the same.

Again - this is not a piercing - it's a uniquely designed jewelry item with a patented shape that loosely hangs on your lips, yet you can drink, talk and even kiss with this seductive jewelry. All you have to do is hook it onto the lip - that's it. Then, later, you can easily remove it and put it in your bag or pocket.

"Mundstück" as this beautiful jewelry is called, is the signature item of the brand "MYL BERLIN" - it was one of the first designs ever created and took more than a year to perfect. The intention is to push the boundaries of what is "normal" - the handcrafted steel pieces are shaped to evoke a familiar feeling - it's an outrageous fashion design. However, it still manages to somehow work as everyday wear/clubwear.

"Inspired by the Berlin nightlife, I wanted to create jewelry unique but feels somehow familiar, as it has always been there. A piece of lip jewelry, I believe, is such a sensual, empowering, and strong statement."

Wearing a "Mundstück" (Lip jewelry) does not feel foreign, it's lightweight, feels comfortable, and after a few minutes feels so natural, you will forget you are wearing it. Whether you wear it with a black dress, a baseball hat, or just with a plain black shirt, these items will guarantee to grab attention.

Iconic statement pieces inspired by stereotypical opposing or unfamiliar ideas are typical for MYL BERLIN. "Our goal is to all ways mesmerize, surprise and sometimes also to confuse - I think the word "enigmatic," as the Vogue called us, fits pretty well.

Saddle leather is a material that is mostly left over from the production of leather, as it is generally difficult to process. This is due to the fact that it is very tear and cut resistant and therefore requires special handling in the manufacturing process.

MYL BERLIN uses this great material, however, because we have the machines and the know-how to process this type of leather. Our employees receive special training in order to be able to achieve the optimal result and to get the maximum quality and life span out of the material.

This requires a lot of experience and a sure instinct, also later during subsequent processing, sewing and dyeing.

Of course, the processing of the saddle leather is very environmentally friendly with us, as all of our processes are specially designed for ecology.

The bags created in this way are of the highest quality and durability and impress with their unique design language and functionality.

In order to be able to receive vocational training for certain professions in Germany, one must complete this vocational training at special companies. MYL BERLIN GmbH was checked in detail by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) last year and is therefore allowed to offer certain vocational training.

In our case, you can learn the profession of specialist clerk for online trade with us and, if this is successful, you will have a recognized IHK training.

The name says it all - anyone who works as a merchant in e-commerce sells goods and services on the Internet. The term "e-commerce" stands for "electronic commerce". Even if the job description of the merchant may well be one of the oldest, merchants and clerks in e-commerce are still a relatively young subgroup. On the one hand, this has to do with the fact that the openly accessible World Wide Web has only been used so heavily for retailers for a few years; on the other hand, pure online retailers were not allowed to offer their own training for a long time, but that has changed in the meantime.

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