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Mouthpieces, Lip Jewelry

This summer, this unique mouthpiece jewelry is on everybody's lips - literally.

The hottest trend for this summer is the iconic and patented lip jewelry called "Mundstück" from the Berlin-based fashion brand MYL BERLIN. This unique jewelry is not pierced but cleverly hung on the lips.

Again - this is not a piercing - it's a uniquely designed jewelry item with a patented shape that loosely hangs on your lips, yet you can drink, talk and even kiss with this seductive jewelry. All you have to do is hook it onto the lip - that's it. Then, later, you can easily remove it and put it in your bag or pocket.

"Mundstück" as this beautiful jewelry is called, is the signature item of the brand "MYL BERLIN" - it was one of the first designs ever created and took more than a year to perfect. The intention is to push the boundaries of what is "normal" - the handcrafted steel pieces are shaped to evoke a familiar feeling - it's an outrageous fashion design. However, it still manages to somehow work as everyday wear/clubwear.

"Inspired by the Berlin nightlife, I wanted to create jewelry unique but feels somehow familiar, as it has always been there. A piece of lip jewelry, I believe, is such a sensual, empowering, and strong statement."

Wearing a "Mundstück" (Lip jewelry) does not feel foreign, it's lightweight, feels comfortable, and after a few minutes feels so natural, you will forget you are wearing it. Whether you wear it with a black dress, a baseball hat, or just with a plain black shirt, these items will guarantee to grab attention.

Iconic statement pieces inspired by stereotypical opposing or unfamiliar ideas are typical for MYL BERLIN. "Our goal is to all ways mesmerize, surprise and sometimes also to confuse - I think the word "enigmatic," as the Vogue called us, fits pretty well.

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