Who We Are

MYL Berlin – we redefine fashion

MYL Berlin is a Berlin based clothing and accessories brand.

MYL is about redefining old constructs and meanings. We create a safe space for those who are hemmed in by the constructs of modern society. The MYL Berlin community welcomes all, regardless of sexuality or gender. We transcend conventional boundaries. We don’t judge.

Every MYL product is created with the highest level of craftsmanship. The detail, materials and intricate attention to utility and practicality are key features of the brand.

Above all MYL is a symbol of solidarity, a symbol of your identification with the idea that people have the right to live the way they want. If you don’t believe in these values, do not buy MYL products – they are not for you.

Wearing one of our highly desirable items will not only make you feel incredible, but will also allow you to make a bold philosophical statement. It says you are part of a community that celebrates diversity. It says you are willing to take a stand against injustice, hatred or prejudice, even if you are not personally affected by these scourges.

Let’s unite in a world that shuns those who are different. Let’s celebrate, change and elevate one another. Let’s show the world new paradigms of being. We won’t be erased or hidden. We are not trash. We are MYL.


We use a special, untreated, about-to-be-patented leather. The leather is not only robust and easy to clean, but also ages uniquely to give each bag a distinctive character. Every bag you buy from MYL Berlin ages differently, depending on humidity, usage, the items you carry inside the bag and the clothes you wear. At first the leather is quite firm but gradually it allows itself to be moulded by the shape of its wearer. The bag you wear looks like no other MYL bag, because it develops in synergy with your body. It becomes a part of your identity.

All our jewellery is tested and specially treated to look good, last long and survive the wildest nights or the harshest treatment.

Number of items

We only produce one batch of any given product. Once that batch is sold out, the product is not made again. This exclusive approach sets you apart as one (or a few) of a kind. We take great pride in the uniqueness of our products.

Sign of solidarity

Any MYL items stands for the belief that we are all equal. When you buy an MYL product, you have to be aware of the symbolic statement of your choice. MYL says you stand with those struggle, who feel the feel burden of society, who have been rejected by the mainstream. With us you advocate for the voiceless. We thank you for that. You are doing an amazing thing. Do not buy MYL if you are biased or judgemental towards people who have chosen a different path. Wearing our brand stands for equality in its highest form.

Uniqueness & Practicality

All products you buy from MYL are unique, practical, comfortable and of exceptional quality. Our bags are for usage and durability - we want you to be able to wear MYL 24/7, and silently stand out while doing so. Our products are designed to complement any outfit, any style and any personality. They enrich your individual style and attract attention. We pride ourselves on creating unique, useful and amazing products that complement, rather than dominate the essence of your personality.

WE ARE MYL - Slogan

“We are MYL” sums up our core value - we believe in the equality of all humans and stand in solidarity with everyone who has been cast out by society because of stereotyping or ignorance. We do so, whether we have been affected by bias or not. In an increasingly reactionary, conservative world, we want to encourage interaction between people whose views diverge. We want to create an appreciation for diversity.

Our unique products reflect this ethos, this vital conversation we should be having with our fellow human beings. Our products say individuality is something to be cherished; not feared. Diversity is something to be celebrated; not maligned.