MYL BERLIN is a monument to uniqueness and the bold. Showing how preconceived notions and social definition blocks us from seeing the stunning beauty of diversity, its power to inspire and push progress. Every collection is thoughtfully crafted to astonish, to tribute the uniqueness that woes us, and to carry our message of love, as well as absolute equality.


Above all MYL is a symbol of solidarity, a symbol of your identification with the idea that people have the right to live the way they want. If you don’t believe in these values, do not buy MYL products – they are not for you. Wearing one of our highly desirable items will not only make you feel incredible, but will also allow you to make a bold philosophical statement. It says you are part of a community that celebrates diversity. It says you are willing to take a stand against injustice, hatred or prejudice, even if you are not personally affected by these scourges. Let’s unite in a world that shuns those who are different. Let’s celebrate, change and elevate one another. Let’s show the world new paradigms of being. We won’t be erased or hidden. We are not trash. We are MYL..


MYL is about redefining old constructs and meanings. We create a safe space for those who are hemmed in by the constructs of modern society. The MYL Berlin community welcomes all, regardless of sexuality or gender. We transcend conventional boundaries. We don’t judge.

Every MYL product is created with the highest level of craftsmanship. The detail, materials and intricate attention to utility and practicality are key features of the brand.



MYL Faces – Show Your Face – is a campaign that represents people that are defining their own „normal“. A „normal,“ which is not conform with society’s definition of „normal“. This is not about stirring up pity or sympathy, but about showing what an enrichment our community is. It’s about telling your stories and the obstacles you have to face in everyday life to be seen and respected.


With MYL Faces, we have created a program through which we organize fund-raisers and support different projects, ideas, artists and events.Our recent campaign wants to support everyone who’s planning a future project, which got postponed or canceled due to the current situation.To put it in a nutshell we want to give you financial aid and and work with you to keep your projects alive.t. Double-click this text to edit it.


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To create the minimalist and precise collection from MYL BERLIN we only use environmental considered metals and coatings. By combining historical manual techniques and avant-garde manufacturing the collections are strikingly clear-cut.


All leather goods are made by saddle leather, which due to its natural qualities such as stability, longevity and water resistance does not need further chemical treatment. This leather was widely popular in past centuries, nowadays due its manufacturing complexity, is usually discarded in the process of the leather production. Due to its rawness the leather breathes, ages, and molds to the wearer, making each MYL BERLIN leather good a one-of-a kind – An item that becomes more personal with every adventures and event.
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